How to?

Virtual book may be created from document in any common format (PDF, Word, Excel…) and it may be easily incorporated into existing website. If you do not have special requirements for function or design of the book, you may just send us file with your document. Common Web browser is all user needs for viewing virtual books. Books can be viewed also on mobile devices, on digital signage panels etc.

Virtual books – not just for web

Virtual books are not only for Web. They can be part of your app, they may be available on digital information kiosk or you may distribute them on USB thumbdrive.

Virtual books are available in following formats:

  • HTML/HTML5 for web
  • Adobe Flash presentation (not recommended except for special cases)
  • Mobile app
  • Desktop app for Windows, Mac, or Linux

Virtual books on information kiosks and digital signage

Another interesting option to use your virtual books are information kiosks and digital signage screens. Our company offers both software and hardware solutions. Information kiosks are available in wide range of designs and use cases. They may be customised for any need.

For easy viewing of PDF and similar documents on both touch and non-touch screens we have developed CZMI Kiosk pdfView software.

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