Virtual Book

Virtual Book  – a virtual book or an interactive catalogue for various purposes

Our VirtualBook may be used for creation of intuitive and catchy interactive presentations, e-learning materials, catalogues, magazines, model books as well as for presenting your existing documents created in various popular formats as MS Word, Excel, PDF etc.

VirtualBook solution is created with Web in mind. VirtualBook may use both classical URL hyperlinks as well as with links for navigation directly inside VirtualBook document. VirtualBook publications may also contain multimedia contant such as animations, sounds or video clips.

Virtual Book presentations may be easily embeddded in mobile or desktop apps and they may also be presented on digital signage screens.

Virtual books may be custom made or it is possible to create them via easy-to-use content management system. We will be happy to provide you more information or custom-tailored solution.

VirtualBook features

  • unlimited number of pages
  • any page size
  • flipping page or slider effects
  • fulltext search
  • print capability
  • various types of content – book, magazine, voiceover, video, animations, magazine…
  • zooming and paning
  • book may open automatically on predefined page
  • optional slideshow mode with atomatic page flipping after certain time interval
  • optional off-line on USB sticks etc.

Show your documents on the web (and beyond)!

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